Shannon headshot.jpg

I'm a creative and highly competent (unsexy but true) communications professional who is always seeking out the balance between classy and kitchy that will allow me to extract every last ounce of fun out of life, while still leaving my employers, teammates and direct reports exceedingly pleased.

I'm well-rounded.

This means I have done almost every kind of work with almost every type of person from uptight astronauts and some of the world's leading executives, to dedicated veterinarians who study bison semen and rogue opera singers bent on bringing Canada to the world stage.

I spent many of my 23 years in the field as a business journalist, feature writer, editor and humor columnist -- primarily with PostMedia. I have worked with hundreds of businesses, government agencies and NGOs as a marketing and comms professional.

I'm a very proud single mom, an adventurer, live music lover, great listener and good gabber.

I love ideas. I love to conceive them, dissect them, nurture them, run with them and dance over their unlikely victories in a world that is hard on ideas indeed.

I know what I'm good at. I know what I'm not good at. I think that comes with age and experience.

I bring joy. I motivate. I am passionate about inclusivity and love sharing about my Métis heritage and the beautiful Michif language.

There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction than seeing the people around me feel appreciated and succeed.

Feel free to take a look at my CV if you want the nuts and bolts and ins and outs.